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Communication Sensing and Imaging Lab

University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow

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The Communications, Sensing and Imaging (CSI) group at the University of Glasgow covers a wide range of both basic and applied research. We focus on first principles of engineering science with a goal to realise efficient and optimized wireless systems and components for communications, sensing and imaging applications. Our research has been funded by major research councils and funding bodies, including EU-Horizon 2020, EPSRC, CDE/DSTL and Innovate UK. Sensing and imaging systems research covers a wide range of activities in human micro-Doppler signature analysis and UAVs detection and classification. Significant activity employs the application of telecommunication signalling techniques in software-defined RADAR systems. Communication systems research covers the majority of physical and MAC layer of wireless communications and networking with particular focus on fifth generation (5G) communication technologies. Over the coming years, 5G development will support super-fast, ultra-reliable, ubiquitous communications across large numbers and types of devices, connecting people and machines in a way often referred to as the ‘Internet of Things’ and the ‘Internet of Skills’. However, 5G is still in its early developmental stage and has yet to adopt common standards. Our group conducts research on wide areas of 5G technology.

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